CineFocus Canada Visions from the Wilderness: The Art of Paul Kane. Dcoumentary by CineFocus Canada

150 years ago, Paul Kane travelled west to document North American Native culture. Today he’s recognized as a founding father of Canadian art. This television documentary explores his fascinating life and legacy.



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Paul Kane

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  Visions from the Wilderness: The Art of Paul Kane
A CineFocus Canada television documentary

A one-hour television documentary, available in English and French. Produced and directed by John Bessai. Written by John Bessai and Joan Prowse. ©2001 CineFocus Canada Productions.

The documentary won a Gold Award in the Arts/Cultural category at WorldFest Houston and a Bronze plaque at the Columbus Int'l Film and Video Festival.

Watch it in Canada on Bravo!, APTN, Access and Book Television and in Ireland on TG4.

A CineFocus Canada Production produced in association with Bravo! NewStyleArtsChannel, APTN (Aboriginal People’s Television Network), Canadian Learning Television, SCN, Knowledge Network and the Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund. With the participation of the Canadian Television Fund and Telefilm Canada.

Artwork courtesy: Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto; Stark Museum of Art, Orange, Texas.

Paul Kane Interactive
Paul Kane Interactive is at the prototype stage and is designed to educate and fascinate anyone interested in North American history. The full version will be available in the Spring of 2004.

Paul Kane Interactive

CineFocus Canada is currently producing an interactive CD-ROM that will let users explore Paul Kane's world. View his art, read about his travels and watch commentary and dramatic recreations in full-motion video.

Click here to preview Paul Kane Interactive.

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