From Field to Studio: The Art of Paul Kane
Interactive Museum Exhibit

This interactive museum exhibit is designed to be used using two screens: a touch screen and a main screen. The exhibit gives the user the means to explore Paul Kane's artwork and writings through short video clips and activities that can be interacted with on the touch screen and the main viewing screen.

Most of the videos, activities and interactive features in this museum exhibit are similar to those contained on the companion DVD which is available for purchase. The museum interactive requires suitable display hardware, including a touch screen, a computer and an overhead projector.

Main menu (kiosk touch screen)

Program interface and structure

Touching any of the icons on the MAIN MENU will result in a short video being played on the main viewing screen. For example, if the user chooses the icon on the upper left which is a picture of Paul Kane - WHO WAS PAUL KANE? - the large screen will show a short video about Paul Kane’s background.

There are three videos in the INTRODUCTION section, one about Kane’s background, one about the controversy surrounding his work and where he travelled.

In the VIEWPOINTS section, there is an explanation of the myth of the “noble savage”. The user can also touch the images of Jane Ash Poitras or Duane Good Striker to hear their divergent opinions on Paul Kane’s work.

At the bottom of the main menu there are seven icons, which are pictures of Kane’s work or PAINTING STORIES. When the user selects one of these, the main menu changes to reveal options for a video and an interactive activity. Each icon takes the user to a different dimension of Kane’s work. Within each section the user can choose to watch an introductory video, such as in “SKETCH ON LAKE HURON”. After each introductory video there is an activity that the user can interact with. For example, in “REVEAL SKETCHES IN OIL PAINTING” the user can touch any of the sketches and see how they were used in the finished oil on canvas painting.

Menu for the REVEAL SKETCHES IN OIL PAINTING activity (kiosk touch screen)

REVEAL SKETCHES IN OIL PAINTING activity (large screen)