From Field to Studio: The Art of Paul Kane is based on the award -winning TV production Visions from the Wilderness: The Art of Paul Kane. Through the documentary and its interactive features, you can explore the compelling story of Paul Kane, an artist whose travels along the Hudson’s Bay Company fur trading route in the mid 1800’s brought him face to face with First Nations and Métis cultures at a crucial turning point in North American history.


The DVD is intended for DVD players (though it could also be played on a computer). Users interact with the documentary through their television sets by using buttons on a standard remote control in a similar way to a keyboard or a computer mouse. With From Field to Studio: The Art of Paul Kane, users can access additional information either through drill-down points in the documentary or directly from an additional content section. Using the documentary as an interface, users are able to pause the documentary and watch additional commentary from interview subjects, take a more detailed look at examples of Kane’s art that are relevant to that part of the program, or read the field notes that Kane wrote during his travels. Users can then return to the documentary and keep watching. They will also be able to go directly to interactive points in the documentary through the “site map with links” option.

DVD includes:

Original Documentary Visions from the Wilderness: The Art of Paul Kane
Interactive Documentary that allows you to stop at certain points in the film to further explore Kane’s story  
Video and interactive maps
Comparison Tool: see Kane’s sketches transform into romantic oil paintings
Translation Tool: view Kane’s journals and his published book
Clickable Site Map with Links: easy access to all DVD features

Field sketch and final studio artwork
of Kee-a-kee-ka-sa-coo-way,
Cree Chief

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